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Are we asking too much of CIOs with our board level expectations?

Are we are being unfair to the average CIO for goading them into developing a whole new skillset and achieve board level responsibility

When it comes to the plight of the CIO the word 'should' tends to be used more than 'is'. There is a sense - admittedly propagated by people like me - that the role of the CIO is broken and needs to be fixed. read more

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Digital starts at home

While it's vital that CIOs move their focus from being totally internally-fixated, in doing so we cannot end up ignoring the largely pre-digital world of business systems

In the world of the Lean Startup there is a concept called Minimum Viable Product (MVP) which encapsulates the idea of getting things out of the door quickly. Don't wait for your product to be fully featured - in fact, don't wait for your product to be even partially featured. Just start to ship it the minute the absolute bare minimum is available. read more

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The paradox of abandoning net neutrality

New columnist Chaida Kapfunde will be among those commending the EU for committing to the Open Internet if net neutrality laws are approved

March 12, 2014 marked the 25th birthday of the internet. If you were fortunate enough to miss its pre-teenage years of dial-up, you may well fail to appreciate how the up-shift in speed and continuous availability of the internet has changed how we all communicate, interact and exchange multi-media on demand. read more

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There is a soft side to the Cloud!

I will here argue for development of a fresh set of approaches to strategic change management for exploitation by the contemporary enterprise in the era of the cloud

Fulfilling the role of a mentor can be very satisfying. I now look back over 40 years of business experience accumulated since I was recruited by the former chemical major ICI plc in 1973. read more

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CIOs its time to get on board as the digital catalyst

The thing about digital is that it’s not just about digital. It now covers the customer, new product or service design

Judging the CIO 100 I am incredibly impressed by some of the things that have been achieved. On the flip side however there is also a frankly scary amount of ostrich like behaviour. read more

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A brief history of smartphones - to better understand their future

The smartphone industry still hasn't settled, and while Apple and Samsung dominate the market today, their luck can quickly change as the industry continues to evolve

IT directors following the smartphone market should review the history of smartphones to remind themselves just how fast and how often market leadership changes in such a dynamic industry. read more

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Top tips for investigating cyber risk insurance

Given the EU Data Protection Directive and its forthcoming translation into national laws, the increasing interest in insurance should perhaps come as no surprise

A Marsh Risk Management Report entitled "Benchmarking Trends: Interest in Cyber Insurance Continues to Climb", shows that the market for cyber insurance continues to grow apace. According to Marsh, demand for Cyber Risk Insurance grew by 21% across all industries compared to 2013 and early indications for 2014 appear to confirm continued growth. read more

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Saluting the CIO 100

Columnist Ian Cox explains elements of the judging process, and praises CIOs who are playing a leading role in shaping their organisations, by driving technology-enabled change that makes a real difference

As a former CIO and a previous member of the top 100 it was both an honour and a privilege to be part of the judging panel for this year's CIO 100. Being recognised as one of the most transformational CIOs in the UK is a real achievement and I would like to congratulate everyone who made the 2014 list. read more

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2014 CIO 100 showcases transformational business IT leaders

Our 2014 CIO 100 demonstrates the business technology leadership skills from and within the UK

Transformation can take many forms. For some organisations it is a business critical upgrade of its core technology assets to enable the organisation to keep pace with its market sector, for others the technology estate has suffered under-investment and requires a root and branch reorganisation and refresh. read more

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Finding a balance between privacy and data services

Cross-border digital services promote economic growth, but CIOs have to respect the sensitivities around personal data

A handful of recent developments have cast a strong light on the sustained tension between privacy and data services. read more

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Should you wait for a wall-to-wall Windows solution?

But does a wall-to-wall Windows approach makes sense in today's business environment?

For those facing the need to act, especially when XP goes end of life, they are fortunate to have an increasingly rich selection of solutions to choose from. read more

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Data quality and Jerry Maguire

Show me the money - the best argument for putting forward a data quality business case

Although data quality may not be the sexiest topic, it should not in fact be that difficult to construct a business case. read more

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Five contractual ways for UK CIOs to promote Green IT

As energy prices rise, it's inevitable that CIOs will have to commit to a full house of Green IT initiatives

What are the five main Green IT steps for a CIO to consider implementing across the web of commercial relationships supporting an organisation's ICT estate? read more

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Mike Lynch's open letter to the HP shareholders

On November 20th 2012, HP made a series of serious and damaging allegations about the management team of Autonomy.

As you are aware, Hewlett Packard remains locked in dispute with a group of its own shareholders and with the former management team of Autonomy over its purchase of Autonomy. I write to you today to raise serious concerns about the way HP has conducted this affair, and to put forward a number of questions that HP management should answer. read more

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Global CIO trends - embracing disruption and social

And is a 'Digital Ceiling' holding back female professionals in the technology industry?

As the Harvey Nash CIO Survey enters its 16th year, Jonathan Mitchell asks whether there is a 'Digital Ceiling' for female professionals entering the technology industry. read more

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The biggest misconceptions about shadow IT

CIOs should stop trying to deter business-led IT or control it. Instead, they need to build a new model for engaging with business partners

Although much has been written aboust shadow IT, three big misconceptions prevail. read more

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Bill Gates should stay quiet during Microsoft CEO transition

If Gates and Ballmer are visible during their transition, the new CEO would be undermined, second-guessed, and passively blocked from accomplishing the critical business model pivot that lies ahead

Satya Nadella is Microsoft's new CEO. Check. He's the right person for the job, insider, change agent, provocateur. read more

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Creating a customer-focused IT environment

Making the business more focused on what matters to the customer may be the most important thing that today’s CIO can do for their organisation

These days it seems that everybody is focused on becoming more ‘customer-centric’. But how many have taken a customer-centric view of their technology environment? read more

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Big Data, all hype or an opportunity?

Insights from former Betfair CTO and now heading up Team CXO.com

The Big Data hype is growing exponentially. If you believe the hype in the time it took write this three gazillion petabytes of big data marketing collateral has been created. Big data sounds cool and is trendy, but what is big data? Should CIOs be implementing big data strateies and if so how? read more

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