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IT Value Stack

Author of the CIO book the IT Value Stack, digital strategist Ade McCormack tackles the changing leadership role of the CIO as the value…

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CIO Career

The lean startup career

The market is moving at a rapid pace - make career planning a daily rather than an annual activity

You need to throw away your vision of you in the perfect role and focus on developing the skills that will keep you strategically relevant, writes Ade McCormack. read more


Board politics

The rough CIO travel guide

The key phrases for CIOs to use if their desired destination is the boardroom

Ade McCormack looks at the key phrases to use - and avoid - if the CIO is to gain acceptance with the locals if their desired destination is the boardroom. read more


Change management

CIO as a change agent and 'internal' start-up CEO

Can the CIO lead a new business based on the digital economy alongside the existing model, ready for a big switch?

In my experience many organisations are struggling with the relationship between strategy, IT and digital. The smart organisations are racing ahead knowing that they are all entwined. Thus to talk about business strategy, digital strategy and IT strategy as three separate activities is to really miss the point. read more


Board politics

Merging the CIO into the boardroom

Those in a position of influence need to consider what role the CIO is to play going forward

It is becoming increasingly apparent to both business leaders and shareholders that the world is changing and that new technology is both driving these changes and enabling organisational readjustment. read more


Board politics

The Exponential CIO

There is a real opportunity for CIOs to take on the role of Chief Forecaster or Chief Exponential Officer

Many executives are running their organisations like newlyweds on the Orient Express; they are so in love with each other they don't even look out of the carriage window read more


Board politics

Now That's What I Call the CIO Playlist!

The essential mix, as compiled by Ade McCormack. Tell us your suggestions in the comments below or on Twitter

I spend a fair amount of time working with CIOs to increase their strategic relevance. Practical advice is all well and good until it comes into contact with the day to day operational tempest that invariably leads to CIO aspiration returning to IT manager reality. read more


R & D

I, User

If you think users are pressurising you today in terms of their personal technology demands, you need to be aware that what you are experiencing is in fact the pre-storm calm

Often as CIOs it is very easy to get caught up in the present; data centre 'fires', talent outages and so on. If you manage to book some time with your thoughts you might even reflect on social media, analytics and mobility. These are important but if we want a guiding star to provide us with an overall sense of direction I suggest we reflect on the user of the future. read more


Board politics

Digital scenario planning

CIOs can anticipate the arrival of the CDO and makes the case to take on digital responsibility - which could be an attractive proposition for the CEO

Digital is becoming the interesting end of 'IT'; and now that the boardroom has made the connection between profit, service experience and IT they want to make digital part of the business strategy. read more

Beyond the comfort zone

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Beyond the comfort zone

Only two out of 10 CIOs already see themselves as being digital, according to an IDG and CSC survey.

Only two out of 10 CIOs already see themselves as being digital, according to a cio.co.uk and CSC survey. So how do the majority go beyond their comfort zone and make the transition to becoming a ‘digital CIO’?



Bandwidth management and gamifying your own role

Cognitive control is highly related to good leadership, and increasing your own personal RAM capacity will help you address big issues

Bandwidth, or bandwidth management, is often associated with technology management. As you may be aware my view is that CIOs should be less preoccupied with technology management and more focused on digital leadership. read more


Workforce Development

Passion as a service and the exemplar Romanian NHS

What CIOs can learn from e-healthcare in Romania, which is becoming an exemplar for best practice in the wider world

I recently met the President of Romania's National Health Service. Romania is an interesting place, what with Count Dracula, Nicolae Ceausescu and Vlad the Impaler being high profile 'old boys'. With the recent European Union border relaxation, the media has been stirring the xenophobia pot by suggesting that Western Europe will be overrun by Romania's 'worst'. read more

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