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The public sector can revolutionise the way it operates and the services it offers tax payers. Former specialist adviser to the House of…

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Change management

The GOV.UK performance dashboard is essential

Double celebration for 20 years of online government

You wait ages for a good reason to celebrate, and then two come along at once. Barely had the birthday candles been blown out on last month’s second anniversary cake for GOV.UK and now it’s the 20th anniversary of the launch of the original government website that started it all. read more



Election Promise - It's time to banish the idea of the 'digital manifesto'

Successful organisations integrate digital culture and values into their core; they don't view it as some optional, lesser after-thought

There was a time in the early to mid-2000s when I thought we needed a "digital manifesto" or "manifesto for technology" – something that would set out clearly and in plain English how technology would improve our public services. What a dumb idea that was: why would anyone publish a separate "digital manifesto" – any more than a political party would publish a separate "office furniture manifesto" or "electricity manifesto"? read more



The era of public service fossilisation is nearing its end

It's better technology and better leadership that counts

Would anyone deliberately design our public services like they are today? Probably not – many of them are the accidental, Heath Robinson-like creations of decades of reactive legislative, policy and organisational change. Far from helping streamline and simplify public services, all too often technology has instead fossilised processes, legislation, policies, structures and organisations at an arbitrary moment in time. read more


Enterprise Applications

Truly digital social inclusion

It’s about improving all delivery channels – not just “screen-based” services

Social inclusion/exclusion has been a hot topic ever since the first moves to put public services online in the 1990s. With a recent BBC survey estimating that 21% of the population still lack basic digital skills and capabilities, the new Digital Inclusion Strategy aims to help tackle this shortfall. read more


Change management

Digital public management

The move to digital involves a complete re-imagining of public services

Many public sector organisations are struggling with the scale and significance of the changes in public service culture that citizens expect and that digital entails. read more


Change management

Open, modern government requires open standards

It's now time to move from wordsmithing into delivery

Despite opposition from noisy vested interests, the UK government's latest consultation on its Standards Hub tackles the vexed issue of open document formats - and how best to enable government, citizens, businesses, and voluntary groups to work more efficiently together. read more


Supplier management

Pantomime villains and heroes

Continued cross-party commitment is needed for IT reform to succeed

It's usually around this time in the electoral cycle that the political parties begin to consider what to include in their next manifesto. Will IT be hissed at yet again as the tabloid's favourite pantomime villain (aiding and abetting criminals, terrorists and corporation tax-avoiding IT fat cats), or cheered on as the glittering hero (providing us with better public services)? read more

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