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Informing the UK's business technology leaders


CIO hosts a number of different events throughout the year, from roundtable networking events to full day conferences and live webcasts. CIO Events tackle the business, technology and leadership issues facing senior IT leaders today, providing expert advice from industry specialists as well as real life experiences from fellow CIOs.

Upcoming Events

09 Oct
Cloud Industry Maturity
Sponsored by
EMC Rackspace

Round Table

Cloud Industry Maturity

St Pancras Renaissance Hotel

The purpose of the debate is to explore the level of satisfaction and maturity the CIO community has with the cloud service provider industry.

24 Sep
CIO Summit 2014
Sponsored by
CSC Delphix

CIO Summit

CIO Summit 2014

The Langham Hotel

2014 CIO Summit- towards a 2020 vision

The year 2020 is just around the corner. Strategic vision, big ideas, clarity of vision, outward looking, security, sustainability and transformation are all used in association with the term 2020 vision. Every one of these concepts aligns with the role of being a CIO and will be the foundations of the 2014 CIO Summit.

A unique corpus of technology directors is coming together to mark the 5th CIO Summit. Each CIO has transformed their organisation during the last five years and is charting the future of business technology leadership. CIOs from global broadcasting, e-commerce, manufacturing, healthcare, retail, tourism, the British Army, charity logistics and the public sector will describe organisational culture change, coping with the digital revolution, modernisation and sparking innovation in both business and IT.

CIO UK’s panel of expert columnists, all former business technologists, will lead debates to analyse the topics of strategy, innovation, transformation and business outcomes.

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