Seven guidelines for mobile recruitment

Consumerisation of enterprise technology is redefining today’s workforce. Employees accustomed to intuitive, on-demand, user experiences in personal consumer applications expect the same of business applications.

Recruiting technology is no exception. Data collected by Aberdeen between October and December 2011 revealed that 73 per cent of organisations are using or planning to use mobility to support recruiting efforts.

Yet, despite widespread mobile adoption, the debate continues as to how mobile should be leveraged to identify, attract and retain talent.

And, as new solution providers enter the market, reaching any decision about mobile recruitment becomes a challenge.

Below are seven considerations for chief information officers (CIOs) whose organisations seek to adopt mobile recruitment practices:

1.Create a Flexible Strategy
As organisations expand globally, recruiters must comply to local laws, cultures, and recruiting practices.


For example, although 65 per cent of organisations featured in Aberdeen’s 2012 Debunking the Myth of Mobile Recruitment research report cited interview scheduling as the primary mobile technology use, actual mobile priorities vary greatly from region to region.

The CIO and HR must collaborate to create a mobile strategy that complies with all local practices.

2.Empower Current and Prospective Employees
It is no surprise that when it comes to innovation, even in the largest enterprises HR often lags behind other departments.

According to Aberdeen’s 2012 Quarterly Business Review data, 66 per cent of UK organisations have an internal mobile device management capability to respond to employee needs.

However, in many cases, mobile devices alone are not enough to connect with prospective employees.

For a mobile recruitment strategy to succeed it must offer services and devices that empower recruiters to communicate in real-time with both current and potential employees.

3.Consider Web-Based Career Pages
A few years ago, there was a trend toward using mobile applications as the preferred option to connect with job seekers.