Arup build up IT team with former ITV CIO

Richard Cross the former CIO of broadcaster ITV has taken on the role of Group CIO at civil engineering leaders Arup.

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Cross was with commercial broadcaster ITV for six years having secured the role following the merger of Carlton and Granada, to form a single ITV company. Cross had been CTO at Carlton and won a lot of praise in the CIO community for the collaborative way he worked with the IT team from Granada following the merger.

Cross drove a lot of cost out of the IT operations at ITV by introducing standard enterprise IT applications and reducing the traditional broadcasting requirement for bespoke technology. He also drove a major Oracle standardisation through the Grays Inn Road operation in London.

Although his recent career has been media focussed, Cross has a heritage of IT leadership in logistics and stints in professional services.

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The easiest way to fail is to stand still

The security landscape has changed beyond recognition and never more so than in the past five years

The easiest way to fail is to stand still

We have moved from systems and devices that were locked down as a matter of course, to a working environment that encourages greater levels of access and collaboration across multiple IT estates and devices. The CIO’s role in all this has changed from one of keeping infrastructures under lock and key at all costs, to implementing security policies that are just as robust, if not more so, than before – while allowing for increased business flexibility and workforce mobility.


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New imperatives for IT vitality and business success

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