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British Army CIO Jonathan Cole Q&A

Head of Information Superiority (Deputy CIO) Jonathan Cole on secure data transfer and business process automation to enable transformation

British Army Head of Information Superiority (Deputy CIO) Jonathan Cole discusses the need for the army to share its data, its business… read more

By CIO Staff | 10 September 2015

Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation

100 CIOs share their experience of what works and how they avoided the potholes on the way.

The industry is moving beyond theory into implementation of digital transformation and this is seeing the most effective approaches starting to emerge.

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When to rein it in as a new CISO

'Cybersecurity Exhaustion' across the enterprise can get you out the door sooner than expected as a new CISO

Surviving the C-Suite as a CISO - When we become a CISO, we all know better to operate at the speed of the company, not operate like a… read more

By Todd Bell | 27 August 2015

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