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Meet the team behind CIO UK


  • Matt Ballantine

    Digital expert Matt Ballantine is the former head of IT at brand marketer Imagination and has also worked as an enterprise and solutions architect for the BBC.

  • Mike Altendorf

    Taking a look at business technology leadership from the perspective of having been an entrepreneur technology start-up, Mike Altendorf analyses the business skills required and what’s new and exciting in technology.

  • Mike Lynch

    An exclusive and very personal discussion on the role of technology in modern business and life by the UK’s most successful and significant software company founder, Mike Lynch founder of Autonomy

  • Pat Brans

    Affiliated professor at the Grenoble École de Management, and author of the book Master The Moment: fifty CEOs teach you the secrets of time management, Pat Brans provides corporate training on time management and productivity using a unique methodology, based on exclusive tips from the world’s busiest CEOs, and grounded in psychology research.

  • Richard Sykes

    Former ICI CIO Richard Sykes looks at the trends affecting his former peers with a particular interest in leadership, outsourcing and cloud based technologies.