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Mike Lynch

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Mike Lynch is co-founder of UK software success story Autonomy. Autonomy is a leader in the area of computer understanding of unstructured information, an area which is becoming known as meaning-based computing. In October 2011, Autonomy was sold to Hewlett Packard for $11bn. In the late 1980s Lynch formed Lynett Systems Ltd, producing designs and audio products for the music recording industry including the first ever sampler for the Atari ST, the Lynex, which was followed by the ADAS sampler for Atari, Mac & PC. This led to the offshoot D2D Systems which produced a software-only hard disk recording system for the Atari Falcon. In 1991 he set up Cambridge Neurodynamics, which specialised in computer-based finger print recognition. In 1996 Lynch co-founded Autonomy. Autonomy grew and acquired Dremedia, Virage, Verity, Zantaz and Interwoven to become a dominant information management provider.

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