CIO100 2013 background

The 2013 CIO100 will be revealed tonight at a special reception for the UK’s most transformational business technology leaders.

The event, sponsored by Intel only open to CIOs, will see the top three CIOs in the 2013 CIO100 take part in a special discussion where they will share further insights into the business transformations they have led at their organisations.

One CIO in particular will receive a special recognition for the considerable work they have done in the last 12 months. This recognition is unique because the CIO100 panel of expert judges unanimously agreed their work has benefited the entire CIO community in the UK.

Since its re-launch in 2012 the CIO100 has focused on CIO’s that deliver transformation to their organisation through the good management and leadership of technology. In 2012 Trevor Didcock, CIO of airline easyJet, became the number one CIO in the CIO100.

“No matter the economic climate, technology is changing the behaviour patterns of consumers, workers and business partners. Organisations, no matter their size, need good business technology leaders at the helm to enable organisations to become more efficient, respond to new technology driven trends and to react successfully to economic, environmental and regulatory pressures that are a part of daily business,” said Mark Chillingworth, Editor in Chief of CIO UK.

The full listing of the 2013 CIO will be live on on Friday morning, May 24, 2013.

“As with all similar listings, the CIO 100 is subjective and open to debate, but it is the sincere hope of CIO UK that the CIO100 will be seen as a positive addition to the CIO community, signalling to the business world the advantages of having and backing good business technology leaders,” Chillingworth said.