Royal Horseguards Hotel CIO Summit

CIO UK’s annual Summit for business technology leaders is to be held at the Royal Horseguards Hotel in Whitehall central London. The event, one of the largest in the UK, will be held on September 23rd and features CIOs from professional and financial services, government, healthcare, retail and engineering.

Royal Hoseguards was built in 1884, originally as luxury residential apartments and is a grade one listed building. During both world wars the Ministry of Defence took over the building to house spooks MI5 and MI6. In the 1980s fictional spy James Bond used the hotel as a location for the film Octopussy. Ian Fleming, creator of James Bond was a spook during World War 2, so no doubt visited the famed building in Whitehall.

Royal Horseguards opened in 1971 and expanded in 1985. Guoman Hotels took over the hotel in 2008. Guoman is part of the glh. business whose CIO is Chris Hewertson who this title rated as one of the most transformational CIOs in the UK. Guoman describe Royal Horseguards as one of its flagship hotels, it has five stars and is part of the the Preferred Hotel Group, a global organisation of 185 leading hotels.


The 2015 CIO Summit will continue with the forward looking themes explored in the 2014 CIO Summit and focus on the CIO being customer centric.

“At the CIO Summit in 2014 it became evident that the CIO role is becoming customer centric,” says CIO UK Editor in Chief Mark Chillingworth. “But CIOs cannot wait until 2020 to begin their focus on the customer, CIOs must be customer centric now.”

The 2015 CIO Summit will focus on the importance of being a customer centric CIO through examples of best practice, thought leadership, debate and seminars.

To attend the 2015 CIO Summit, contact the Events Manager of CIO UK Amie Lane at [email protected]