Companies are being offered a virtual CTO service to help cut costs and tap into wider technology contacts and information.

IT services firm PTS Consulting is offering a virtual chief technology officer to help organisations save on an expensive hire.

CTOs, says:"PTS, are now multi-taskers that aren’t just coders locked in some basement, they play a vital role in a company’ s strategic plan and growth".

The Virtual CTO on offer is more than one appointed individual, as they will have access to 320 technical experts globally at PTS, which will help the organisation understand regional or vendor differences, said PTS.

Organisations targeted by the service include any SME of between 20 and 150 people with single or multiple offices in the UK or globally. Users expanding rapidly with little overseas infrastructure or resources on the ground are likely to gain the most from a virtual CTO, said PTS.

The virtual CTO is available through a pre-paid hours contract or through a pre-determined number of days deal as part of a PTS support contract. 

A Virtual CTO is available for the financial services, legal, media, education, and insurance sectors, among others.