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Columnist Ian Cox tells CIO UK about some of the challenges facing IT leaders today, as well offering advice on key industry trends all CIOs should focus on.

In an exclusive interview recorded at the 2016 CIO Summit, Ian shares his insight on the biggest difficulties facing CIOs in keeping relevant. He describes the role as being at the forefront in providing leadership as well as changing the culture of the organisation. See also: Belron focusing on Big Data and cloud to improve customer service)

He describes how in some organisations CIOs are often “losing control” of their IT budgets and delivering innovation in the organisation.

“There are a lot more people working in technology with departments other than IT having their own technology budgets,” he said. “It’s down to the CIO to use their own skill sets in influencing these decisions to help gain full ownership of the digital budget.”

Future of the CIO role

Cox shares his insight on where he sees the CIO role over the next 12 months.

But he admits the role went through a stage of where people thought whether a CIO would still be around in leading business transformation.

“We have gone past that stage now,” he said. “It’s now about how a CIO can position themselves in digital and how they can get the culture of the business and technology right. I think we are going to have a better appreciation of the CIO in going beyond pure technology with the role playing a significant part in moving forward. “

And Cox shares why it’s great to attend an event like the CIO Summit?

“It’s good to hear CIOs talk at the summit about what they are doing as well as getting some real examples of digital technology in practice.” (Read next: Imperial College CIO Mike Russell on the challenge of IT leaders in education)