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CIOs overwhelmingly look to fellow Chief Information Officers, CTOs and IT directors for advice and information according to the 2017 CIO 100. Fellow technology and IT executives were cited as a CIO's most important source of advice and information ahead of analyst houses, industry bodies, the media and technology consultants.

In the 2017 edition of CIO 100 - an annual showcase of CIOs, CTOs and IT directors in the UK - some 53% responded that their CIO peers were the most important source of advice and information, with 80% reporting fellow IT executives were either their first or second choice.

Analyst houses were cited as one of the two most important sources of information and advice by 42% of 2017 CIO 100 members. Industry bodies were named as one of the two most important sources of information by 37% of CIOs, followed by the media (22%) and finally consultants (19%).

Professional industry bodies were most likely to be cited as the least important sources of advice and information (27%), followed by consultants (23%), the media (23%), analyst houses (21%), and finally CIO peers (6%).

At the CIO 100 celebration reception at the Waldorf Hotel in London, a number of CIOs noted the importance of peer networking, and how knowledge sharing with those who share similar challenges enabled CIOs to grow as a group.

Rachel Dunscombe, Director of Digital at NHS exemplar service Salford Royal Group, said: "As a profession CIOs need to be able to network, we need to be able to share our knowledge, our stories and have that network we know we can put that call into."

Speaking to CIO UK at the end of 2016, Etihad CIO Robert Webb said that it was crucial for CIOs to get together.

Webb said: "We need the tools and the communities to help us because the profession has not been asked to do that before - CIOs have to grow together and figure out how they can learn from each other. The beauty of CIO communities is that we can learn the tool sets from each other to improve the chances of success."

Engaging with those from outside of your own sector was also cited as important. Chief Product and Information Officer at the Financial Times, Cait O'Riordan, said at the 2017 CIO 100 reception that CIOs should make sure that they looked beyond their own industries for inspiration.

"It's really important to put your head up and look further afield and learn from other people who are doing interesting things outside your sector," she added.

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