20140328 Richard Corbridge 22

Richard Corbridge, CIO for the National Institute for Health Research Clinical Research Network (NIHR CRN), is stepping down in December to become the Chief Executive of eHealth Ireland.

Ranked highly in this year's CIO 100 and a speaker at the 2014 CIO Summit, Corbridge will take up the challenge of delivering information solutions throughout Ireland, a programme of work designed by the Irish government to support the reform of the Irish health system.

The role has two elements, both the CEO of the newly created eHealth Ireland entity and the CIO of the Health Service Executive, effectively the NHS in Ireland. Both roles are newly created.

Corbridge has been with the NIHR CRN since the summer of 2011 and has overhauled the systems deployed throughout the NHS to support the delivery of clinical research. His focus on Business Intelligence to create insight within the NHS into the delivery of clinical research has earned the team around him a number of awards in 2014.

Throughout 2014 the NIHR CRN has been moving their systems to the cloud and has concentrated on changing the attitudes of the organisation towards 'IT', ensuring it is seen as a service that facilitates its core business of recruiting patients into clinical trials.