CIO Plus event

Get to the bottom of the debate about leading disruption and new web based business models by joining our exclusive members only forums for CIOs.

Over the Spring of 2015 CIO Plus members will be able to meet with leading CIOs to discuss how to implement a lab to research and develop new business models or the impact of technologies on the organisation. CIOs with global and national experience will also be sharing their experiences on how become involved in using startup tech vendors, how to work with venture capitalists and what skills you as a CIO and your team need to have to ensure your organisation can compete on the internet.

CIO Plus members will have an opportunity to debate labs, innovation and startups with CIO columnist Mike Altendorf as well as Andrew Jordan, CIO at global broadcaster NBC Universal and Paul Cutter, CTO with Betfair and formerly at BSkyB

While our first CIO Plus event featuring former Sainsbury’s IT Director Rob Fraser and disruption consultant Gareth Lloyd will be repeated in Manchester for CIO Plus members.

Dates for your diary:

Thursday March 19, Central London: Working with startups, labs and venture capitalists
CIO columnist and entrepreneur Mike Altendorf will lead a debate with Andrew Jordan and Paul Cutter, business technology leaders at NBC Universal and Betfair respectively on how CIOs can embrace startup technology providers or services. All three have experience of creating labs environments to expose not only the technology team but the wider business to the impact technology and rival services are having to a business. Mike Altendorf and Andrew Jordan also have extensive experience of working with venture capitalists and funding vehicles too.

CIO Plus members will benefit from first-hand experience and interaction with these business technology leaders to discuss how to embrace the new waves of disruption affecting the CIO role.

Thursday May 28, Manchester: Getting digital
The retail sector has been the clearest example to CIOs and to the man in the street of the power of the digital revolution sweeping through modern commerce and society. Blockbuster and Woolworths have moved from brand names to icons of failure in the face of digital rivals. Amazon meanwhile has become the definition of online commerce and a poster child for how fast an online business can grow.

Over the last 12 months the pace of the digital revolution has increased and a wider number of markets are being disrupted by online startups into once secure vertical markets. Not only are new entrants challenging market incumbents, but a large scale change in society and its consumption habits is proving equally disruptive. Car travel is declining, ownership is being challenged by the sharing economy, digital entertainment challenges analogue methods, Apps challenge websites and user expectations are based on their mobile device experience rather than your physical location. As if this wasn’t enough for business technology leaders to deal with, there’s a growing debate that organisations no longer need a CIO, they need a Chief Digital Officer (CDO).

Only one thing is clear, the level of change CIOs and organisations face will continue to increase in pace and demand.

Rob Fraser was IT Director of supermarket leaders J Sainsbury’s from July 2009 to April 2014 as Sainsbury’s bounced back into the top 4 supermarkets and now faces new challenges from budget retailers and the digital agenda.

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