Knowing how to interact with your connections on the professional social network isn't always as straightforward as it seems. These are the three cardinal rules that you should follow.

1 Build a Strong LinkedIn Profile

With so many people job hunting now, you've got more competition than ever on LinkedIn. CIO recruitment specialists all advise a strong LinkedIn Profile. It was one of the top recommendations of what headhunters are looking for.

2 Manage LinkedIn Connections 

You've signed up for LinkedIn, because everyone says it's the primary business social network. But to whom should you connect? Your strategy should differ from your approach to Facebook.

When it comes to LinkedIn connections, some people believe more is better, creating huge networking circles. But that approach has prompted debate, with even some people inside LinkedIn saying that's a risky strategy.

Company profile pages on LinkedIn can help you tune into a company's comings and goings, executive relationships and key business facts.

3 How to Get the Most from LinkedIn Recommendations 

As potential employers or recruiters peruse your work experience on LinkedIn, recommendations from past and present colleagues can be one of the most helpful features to help communicate your value.

LinkedIn open networkers, or LIONs, accept almost all LinkedIn connection requests and introduce strangers out of good will.

LinkedIn has imposed new restrictions on the number of connections any one person can have, say members of the LinkedIn open networkers, a controversial group that accepts almost all LinkedIn connection requests. The group appears to be walking an increasingly fine line with the social network.