MI5 is looking to recruit a head of transformation and office of CIO as part of an “ambitious” plan to deliver “new capability within constrained budgets”.

The new recruit will be responsible for supporting the CIO in managing MI5’s CIO organisation, and leading the organisation through a “transformation” plan that will optimise the British intelligence service’s ability to protect the UK against threats to national security.

MI5 is looking for someone with a strong background in IT leadership roles, particularly in blue-chip organisations, with board-level experience. The new recruit will also need to demonstrate a track record in delivering significant business change activities successfully.

The successful applicant could earn up to a six-figure salary – but not tell anyone about it.

“You must limit those you tell about your application to your partner and/or immediate family,” the job advert stated.

The deadline for applicants is 15 June, although the recruitment and vetting process could take up to six months. Applicants must be British citizens, and will be based in London.

The Cabinet Office recently revealed that seven IT directors in the government earn more than the Prime Minister.