Goldfish bowl

Only one former CIO is a CEO of a company on the FTSE 350 despite the crucial role of business technology - and women only make up 14 chief executives on the index.

Of the 350 CEOs, only Philip Clarke at Tesco was previously a CIO. Chief financial officers (CFOs) and managing directors (18.8%) are more likely to fill the top role.

Furthermore, just three CEOs hold computer science degrees - Simon Segars of ARM, Fidessa Group's Chris Aspinwall and Tim Howkins of IG Group.

Unsurprisingly, men dominate the list, with only 14 women (4.3%) leading companies in the FTSE 350. Only one company, out of 27, in the telecoms and technology sector has a woman at its head - Dido Harding, CEO of TalkTalk.

Meanwhile, the top four universities to produce CEOs are the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Manchester and Harvard. However, 10% of CEOs didn’t attend university at all.

The analysis has been carried out using publicly available data collated in August 2013, via a QlikTech app based on QlikView Business Discovery.