Steve Chambers Visa

Former Visa Europe CIO and Executive Vice President Steve Chambers has been appointed a non-executive director to the board of Travelport.

The Berkshire-based travel technology supplier provides services to the trillion-pound global travel and tourism industry with its Travel Commerce Platform - which connects travel providers with buyers - and also supplies IT services to airlines.

Chambers was the focus of a 2013 CIO Profile when he was CIO at Visa Europe, explaining the organisation was as much a platform as it was a payments processing business. "Take away the Visa brand and we are a technology services firm," he said. "The whole company has transformed on the back of the technology so that now it is a services organisation."

Douglas Steenland, Chairman of the Travelport Board of Directors, said in a statement: "We are delighted to welcome Steve Chambers to our Board, bringing as he does significant insight into designing and operating mission critical technology on a global basis and at scale.

"He also has significant experience in the payments space which is an area of focus for Travelport through our eNett subsidiary. Steve complements and extends the skills already on our Board and will provide further support to the President and CEO, Gordon Wilson."

Chambers was recognised in the 2013 edition of the CIO 100, and also served as a director for Monitise, a mobile payments provider.