HSE Ireland CIO Richard Corbridge on stage at the 2017 CIO 100 celebration in London
HSE Ireland CIO Richard Corbridge on stage at the 2017 CIO 100 celebration in London

HSE Ireland CIO Richard Corbridge believes resources and skills are two of the biggest challenges in healthcare, but that the public sector is working hard to espouse digital opportunities and drive transformation agendas.

The 2017 CIO 100 leader was speaking to CIO UK contributor Scott Carey at the CIO 100 celebration in London. Corbridge, recognised by the CIO 100 judging panel for being a technology and business leader driving a digital transformation in Ireland's health service, said that the country's Health Service Executive was adopting a cloud-first strategy and that there was enthusiasm for change.

"The biggest challenge in health, in the public sector, has to be the resources - both the budget and people to do the work," Corbridge said. "Recruiting into the public sector competing with the big names to bring digital expertise, enthusiasm for digital, is challenging.

"I think what we're trying harder and harder to do in public sector is to increase people's vision of the mission of delivering into public sector what digital can do.

"My organisation is moving to a cloud-first policy which means we are looking at really changing people that have been traditionally managing data centres to managing vendors to deliver that kind of functionality.

"There's an enthusiasm for changing skills and learning more but that takes time and we are working really strongly with an amazing team in Ireland to try and bring that change to everything that they do."

Corbridge has penned a number of articles about the changing nature of the CIO role, and said that despite industry differences many of the digital and change challenges CIOs faced were actually very similar.

"The role of the CIO is so interchangeable across those verticals," he said. "You can move around and still be a digital change agent - and some of the skills, some of the needs, some of the problems are exactly the same."

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