2005 was another challenging and successful year for EDF Energy’s IT, both in terms of moving to a new organisational structure and with the delivery of a number of large projects across the company’s vertically integrated businesses – corporate, customers (retail), networks (distribution), energy (generation) and its development branch. EDF Energy, one of the UK’s largest energy companies, created a unified IT organisation across the company, aligning different ways of working and implementing a company-wide framework for IT.

The new organisational structure not only helps it focus on its ambitions and strategy, but also helps it to more consistently present its service, cost and value to the business.

It has also created a new resource management function. With several hundred people from IT working on projects at any one time, matched by an equivalent number from the business, the organisation’s ability to manage supply and demand was a key focus. The resource management function develops this capability further and enables it not only to match supply with demand but also to provide greater career opportunities to its staff. Projects included integrating its metering businesses and its gas systems, harmonising SAP across the business and its XP rollout.

Over the next 12 months EDF Energy aims to move towards business improvements, according to Beniot Laclau, IT managing director. He also aims to deliver business goals to improve staff and customer satisfaction and to deliver high-value projects.