Customer satisfaction is at the heart of IT at KPMG, according to CIO Bryan Clark, and he is pleased that customer satisfaction has risen over the last 12 months to 85 per cent. “This is a very good indicator that we are on track with our business plans,” he says. “The main focus is to get everything as reliable as possible, especially for mission critical systems.”

Clark says the firm has redesigned and rebuilt its email, and tested its hot standby datacentre successfully last year. The datacentre is part of its overall business continuity strategy. “We deal with this in an integrated fashion and IT is just one element of that. But we are very pleased with the way it is performing.”

Last year the firm also looked at its remote access methodology and toolsets and then launched an internal campaign to promote their use, with very good results.

Next year’s work will fall into several main areas. The first is managing its relationship with suppliers. The second is its internal transformation, so that IT is better aligned with its business colleagues. “For example, HR will be upgrading to a newer version of PeopleSoft and as part of that, HR business processes will be reviewed,” says Clark.

“We will also be working on customer alignment. We have a large database that we can use to analyse trends and play this against the change in demand for our services. We will be able to identify different groups of users and segment them, then modify our services so they are more effective for different groups.”