Dutch-owned financial service group Aegon is better known in the UK under the brand of Scottish Equitable. The insurance company manages some £23 billion worth of assets and generated £4bn of revenue last year as well as £150 million profits.

At the end of 2005, it signed a five-year managed services contract with Computacenter in a bid to reduce desktop operating costs and drive efficiency.

It also sealed a separate agreement with the company to change its 4,500 plus PCs and laptops. Computacenter has responsibility over the hardware configuration, technology sourcing, architecture design and installation for this section of the technology project. Part of this includes deploying 2,800 new desktops and laptops at the company’s main locations in Edinburgh and Lytham, as well as regional offices.

“This new contract will enable us to continue our work on improving IT service efficiency and cost control,” said David Bradley, Aegon UK’s IT director. “The managed services contract provides us with a predictable infrastructure management spend, and will lead to significant savings over the next five years.”

Cost savings will also result from the move to Microsoft Windows XP and IBM workstations, which Computacenter is also handling. This project is due for completion by early 2007. “By upgrading our current operating system and hardware, we will be able to reduce the number of service desk incidents and future-proof the support of our applications,” said Bradley.