Deloitte & Touche LLP is reaping the business benefits of its SAP implementation, which went live last summer. CIO Mary Hensher describes it as “working very well”, and says the company is also on track to go live with its document archiving project this summer.

Hensher says her day job is constantly reviewing the firm’s IT cost base and building on business continuity plans and security. But the next major strategic project for Hensher’s IT team will be to standardise and manage Deloitte’s live documents. “We have a very good joint team within the consulting practice which has been planning the project for the last six months,” she says. “It will take another couple of years and is built around people and processes. Change management will be the key focus.”

As a professional services organisation Deloitte is in the enviable position of being able to, as Hensher puts it, “eat its own dog food. Our own highly skilled technical team is able to work with the consulting team, which implements projects for clients and has in-depth change management experience.”

After a long selection process the firm has chosen a leading document and records management provider, specialists in integrating with the Microsoft infrastructure, on which Deloitte has standardised. It has also tested VoIP and is putting together a business case to present to senior partners. “We think it will really suit our ‘work anywhere’ strategy, although we are still at the experimental and exploratory stage,” says Hensher.