AstraZeneca is one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, employing over 64,000 people globally and selling products in more than 100 countries. Its sales last year totalled over $21 billion and it spent $3.8bn on R&D.

Last year AstraZeneca’s strategic IT objectives concentrated on delivering business value to the company, improving its own IS productivity and developing its IS people and talent. It also successfully implemented SAP and CRM systems, as well as a number of clinical research technologies. Priorities for the next 12 months are unchanged, but it is committed to continuing to manage its current business environment. To achieve this, its IT team is working across the company to make sure it delivers value by adding IS solutions that will ensure the company is ranked among the best in the business.

In terms of specific IT programmes it is carrying out this year, it says it will continue its CRM and PeopleSoft HR system implementation to support drug discovery and development activities. It is also implementing global SAP, CRM, HR and email upgrades, along with a range of systems that are designed to improve the drug discovery and development process.

In addition to this it is executing major change programmes, which are designed to improve its efficiency and productivity. It says it is committed to developing its people and will continue to run talent development programmes across AstraZeneca. l