Global engineering company GKN has had a good year. Its restructuring programme had the desired effect on business performance, with a corresponding improvement in its results and share price. Its IT operations supported the company-wide restructuring and focused on consolidation and standardisation, while at the same time working closely with individual businesses.

It has finished implementing its multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) global network and has standardised on business performance management software from Hyperion as its global consolidation system via the new network.

GKN’s IT operation now works very closely with individual business teams to ensure it is supporting business requirements. For example, its global HR implementation has been a great success and now includes 21 different language areas around the world. IT has worked very closely with HR-based user groups and teams to ensure that the users are getting the most effective systems to support their roles. The HR implementation runs over the new MPLS network platform.

This year IT at GKN will be concentrating on strategic planning, and will be reviewing the requirements of various GKN businesses over the next four years. Having built its framework for the future, it is now testing different projects over it, including VoIP and other communications tools like web conferencing and online meetings.