A continuing target of the Metropolitan Police’s director of information, Ailsa Beaton, is the successful delivery of the force’s largest ever organisational change management programme. The Command, Control, Communication and Information (C3i) project is responding to the projected increase in external calls and emails received by the Met, expected to reach 23 million a year by 2010.

Its publicly stated goals are better information management to support the planning and decision-making processes by combining real-time covert and overt technology deployment to assist police investigations, information and evidential analysis, business change support and research into emerging technologies’ potential usefulness for maximum impact on effective law and order enforcement for London’s 7.2 million inhabitants.

Beaton’s 800-strong directorate support the force’s 50,000-odd staff of uniformed officers, support officers
and staff. Delivery of the C3i programme continued throughout 2006 and included completion of a new Integrated Communicaton Control System, which enables the organisation to operate its legacy radio despatch system, MetRadio, CCTV monitoring operations and the new Airwave digital radio network across
600 operator positions and 33 sites. The programme is planned for completion at the end of 2007.
Following Capgemini’s appointment as the Met’s outsourcing partner in December 2005, supported by BT and Unisys, work to transition the existing support for the organisation’s more than 30,000 desktops and laptops, 38,000 telephone extensions and 8,500 mobile phones, along with support for over 50 software applications relating to crime reporting information, analysis and records storage was completed at the end of 2006. New projects to improve system performance and delivery are now underway.

Over the coming year, Beaton’s team is working to deliver a range of infrastructure – involving systems integration, upgrades and new investment – and process improvement programmes to the organisation.
The aim of this is to further improve the quality of information collected, held and shared by the organisation.