Liverpool City Council is committed to providing electronic access to its key services and is proud of its achievement in making these services electronically available a year ahead of government targets. Council customers can now make payments to Liverpool City Council using the website, by calling the Liverpool Direct call centre, by visiting a One Stop Shop or by using the automated telephone payments (ATP) system.

They can also receive their council tax or business rates bills via email. In addition, a number of street-based transactional kiosks have been launched across Liverpool, providing access to council services and information, along with free email and internet access. The council has developed a number of websites aimed at specific types of users: from a dedicated website providing information and services for carers and social workers, to a licensing and permissions portal that allows licensing applications to be submitted and viewed online.

In February this year, the council also trumpeted the fact that it would meet the April deadline for the next stage of the national children’s database programme by combining budgets from different areas.

The national Integrated Children’s System (ICS) programme, established in 2003 after the Victoria Climbié inquiry, combines educational and social services information into a single record. The council pooled resources from different sections of children’s services to deliver the project on time and will be deployed using a system supplied by Capita.