EDF Energy’s IT organisation has emerged as a force for business improvement and technology that is trusted by the business, according to Benoit Laclau, managing director of business improvement and technology.

“We are now keen to push ahead. It has been a great year but the future will be stretching for everyone and means raising the game. We have a long way to go,” he says. The IT organisation has a new scope and responsibility. To reach this point has meant doing the basics really well so that the organisation has the credibility to sit at the top table, and then achieve even more, says Laclau. Improving project management in the company through its ‘EDF Energy Project Way’ initiative has been a key focus. As well as step change improvements to managing projects, the initiative also includes improved career management for effective project managers. “We found they were being poached to work on line jobs, but using stepped promotions and structured, visible rewards for managers, we have given them a good career path,” he says.

Laclau and his team have also been driving a structured approach to governance and investment decisions throughout the entire organisation, using a gateway approach. This includes putting in place simple, consistent documentation and project management methodologies, with the full support of the CEO.

Looking ahead the team will be concentrating on a “process view of the world”, using the success criteria of time, budget, quality and scope, all aimed at improving performance.