It has been a very busy, but successful year for David Lister, CIO at Reuters, and his team. After a two to three year period of recovery, the company is showing good performance, increased growth and getting moving again. “The transformation agenda has been very successful. We have been simplifying the business processes, consolidating systems and helping to support the growth of Reuters going forward,” says Lister. The key focus has been on delivering around the simplification and globalisation of the IT organisation.

This includes managing relationships with suppliers effectively as well as streamlining systems and infrastructures. “We have made good progress in simplifying and rationalising in areas like regional billing and administration,” says Lister.

“The transformation programme has meant re-engineering a lot of the infrastructure and we are using far more virtualisation of services. We are effectively employing more remote management and remote and automated operations where we can. It has been a massive programme, with an impact on every single employee. It has had the dual benefits of improving our services to the business and has driven down costs.”
Lister says delivery around the consolidation programme has given the IT function the benefit of a leading edge platform so that it can perform as a service broker, rather than as an application developer or supplier. The whole programme is designed to run for three years, and Lister says the company is only one year into it, but has made very good progress.

The inhouse IT team of around 650 people works in conjunction with suppliers, outsourcers and other third parties. This year Reuters has also deployed its global network through the eight year, $3 billion deal with BT, which Lister says has been a huge commitment over the last 12 months.

Lister says his main challenges for the year ahead will be to continue to deliver the transformation programme, to continue the improvement in service levels, and help to release investment to help drive the business forward.