T-Mobile is the UK network of T-Mobile International, one of the three strategic growth areas of Deutsche Telekom.

T-Mobile added 923,000 new customers in the UK in 2006, taking its subscriber base to 16.9 million. A key focus for T-Mobile UK in 2006 was building up its contract business. The provider saw a 25 per cent increase in contract customers during the year, taking the total to 3.7 million. Eighty per cent of new additions last year were contract customers. The company has also endeavoured to simplify its product portfolio and tariffs in a bid to retain its existing customers.

Before gearing up for this aggressive connections push T-Mobile improved its credit-checking systems by investing in new credit-checking and security systems. It comes after T-Mobile was targeted by fraudsters last year, especially in London and Birmingham, having identified the network as having weak ‘credit gateways’ to obtain expensive handsets. In its quest to attract more customers, the company has invested in Autonomy’s advanced enterprise infrastructure software to power its suite of e-commerce websites. By using the IDOL platform, T-Mobile expects to deliver highly relevant products and services directly to its site-users, based on the conceptual and contextual content of both their search queries and viewed content.

By integrating with T-Mobile’s content management system, the sites will automatically identify related products and services to help drive cross-selling across its portfolio.