Group 4 Securicor is the largest security systems and services company in the world. It was created in 2004, following the merger of Securicor and Group 4 A/S, and provides a range of cash-related services such as processing and transportation as well as security services to both the public and private sector. The latter includes manned guarding, prison and detention centre management and security training.

Last year was a one of consolidation for the group as it attempted to realise the synergies promised by the merger and become more market-led rather than product-led. But the company is now moving into a new three-year phase, which will see it focus on boosting growth, improving margins and improving cash generation. To this end, it is in the process of introducing OutlookSoft’s performance management software to enable 250 staff in more than 100 countries handle its consolidated forecasting and financial reporting functions more effectively. The aim is to provide local divisional employees with access to the system to ensure that they are accountable, while providing group management with the ability to monitor global performance in real-time. On the cash services side of the business, Group 4 Securicor is continuing to develop new technologies to try and reduce losses as a result of attacks, which are on the rise nationwide. As a result, it has just started piloting a retail cash management system. The IT department is currently in the process of restructuring and the move is expected to result in personnel changes.