Swiss-owned Nestlé has an impressive portfolio of leading branded food and beverage products, including Nescafé, KitKat, Ski, Carnation, Buitoni and Herta. Strong growth in its food and beverages business helped it reach a record full-year net profit this year.

The company currently has a five-year deal in place with IBM, standardising its hardware and software. The organisation uses DB2 and the Tivoli systems management software along with MySAP. This year the food and drinks giant has started deploying enterprise risk management (ERM) software across its entire operation to provide a consolidated and consistent assessment of business risks.

The company is installing Strategic Thought’s web-based Active Risk Manager (ARM) to manage business risk across all sites, allowing offices in different countries to access and share data and monitor risk information more efficiently. The company has about 500 factories, businesses in more than 80 countries, employs approximately 7,000 people in 13 locations and is a multi-product and multi-cultural organisation.

ARM is being used to document the ERM activities within the organisation for both project risk assessment and business risk management. Nestlé will also use the system to handle forthcoming changes in Swiss legislation, which require all large companies to provide evidence of their risk management processes by 1 January 2008.