As the third largest authority in Scotland, with a budget of over £580 million each year, Fife Council is responsible for delivering all local government services in the district. Its team of over 22,000 employees delivers more than 900 individual services to the people of Fife each year.

Over the last few years the council has spent time and resources developing systems to deliver higher standards of customer responsiveness and developing new access channels.Last summer, the council announced that it was set to overhaul its entire voice and data network in a £20 million deal to streamline its communications systems. Work on the new network is still ongoing and Fife Council hopes that it will help them reduce property costs by making better use of hot-desking and remote working. The IP network will allow all Fife’s 22,000 employees to have a single number that they can use from any desk in the council’s offices, or transfer it to a home or mobile line.

The new phone system, supplied by Affiniti, will be in place for the next five years and the council expects to benefit from the flexibility the system will bring both in the way its employees work as well as how its citizens can contact them.

In February 2007, the council launched the KnowFife, a shared information resource for partners and the public in Fife.

The website provides one-stop access to a range of local and national data about Fife in the form of profiles, maps, charts and tables.