Cable & Wireless purchased rival Energis in August last year for £594 million cash, in a move that made it the second largest telecommunications provider in the UK after BT.

Since then the two key focuses of the organisation, which provides wholesale services to business, have been integrating its acquisition and improving customer service. It believes that its emphasis on the latter activity will provide it with a real differentiator in an increasingly competitive market. Mark Dearnley, Cable & Wireless’ CIO, explains: “We’re trying to drive customer service into everything we do, but as an IT department in a big IT company, we set the standard and so have to provide exemplary service. The idea is that if we give great service, everyone else gets used to receiving it and will provide customers with a similar standard of care.”

To this end, the company is working on five key business transformation programmes. The first relates to customer interaction management. An SOA-based project will hook up data in disparate systems to create a single view of customers.

The second project involves providing clients with self-service capabilities “to enable them to do everything they’d be able to get by contacting us”. The third entails introducing business intelligence software to improve the analysis of customer information to provide higher levels of insight into their requirements. Rationalising 34 separate billing systems down to two comes next and the final programme is about building a range of new products.