It has been a hectic year for Mary Hensher, CIO of Deloitte & Touche, and her team. “We have been restructuring the way we work,” she says. For example the London campus, where 6,000 people work, is being transformed to accommodate hot-desking – the firm calls it “hotelling” – to complement its already mobile workforce. The firm has also been working on standardising and managing its documents and archiving.

“The technology is working well,” says Hensher. “But how we manage the change in working is key. We have to get people to buy-in to changing the way they store their documents, as it helps them find the right information for their clients more quickly.”

Deloitte’s VoIP initiative is now rolling out and is being used together with Microsoft’s MS Communicator to improve communications between staff and clients.

“This will be very effective as it cuts down on wasted time through leaving voicemails and messages, and consequently gives people a more positive perception of how they are being dealt with,” says Hensher.
As part of the restructuring datacentres are being moved to new third-party spaces and plans have been put in place to ensure business continuity. This has had other cost savings, as there has been considerable server consolidation as part of the move.

The firm has also been concentrating on its green agenda. The focus on recycling has been stepped up, as has the use of audio and video conferencing at a senior level to cut down travelling.