Michael Ali, CIO of Jaguar and Land Rover, says the organisation has had a good year and is still making
progress in its markets. The two brands are both part of Ford’s Premier Automotive Group, which recently sold off Aston Martin.

The IT challenge for the year ahead is to continue to take costs out of the business, but also to invest in its future needs, according to Ali. “The next 12 months will basically be about looking to the future and at how we can help innovation in the business,” he says.

The last year has been spent working on the turnaround plan and handling planned budget cuts. “We have looked closely at service contracts, SLAs and business performance and made sure that everything is at the appropriate level. We have also continued to make good use of shared services with Ford Europe.”

This year Ali will be doing a number of SOA projects across the business and is also increasingly concentrating on collaborative working. “We are slightly ahead of our plans with this and are working with our American colleagues to collaborate on SOA,” he says.

Jaguar and Land Rover is also using Six Sigma to improve operations, as well as business transformation and reengineering. The organisation is looking at Web 2.0 technologies and how they might be used to improve communications, but as yet no development projects have been started.