The last year at the Environment Agency was spent working on a realigned IT strategy to create “a decent line of sight between IT and the business”.

Projects delivered included a flood forecasting system, a flood risk management system and a multimedia flood warning system, a major website overhaul and implementation of a new CMS. Relying on spatially referenced data, it has also just completed a new set of GIS tools. CIO Paul Arrigoni manages 275 permanent staff. He told CIO that the focus for the next 12 months included more efforts on the introduction of flexible working and remote access using broadband and 3G technologies.

A major effort will be on collaboration with the introduction of Sharepoint and the agency will introduce a mixed desktop environment with Vista coming into use on its refreshed desktops. It has also met its own target of nothing going to landfill with more than 3,000 pieces of kit being either recycled or reused in the last year.
Arrigoni also says he is examining an expansion of its Oracle ERP solution – looking at Fusion and where it works best. Amid a rationalisation of suppliers, the move to Microsoft Outlook and Exchange from Novell Groupwise email is going ahead.

“There is lot for us to do,” says Arrigoni, “budgets are tight so the emphasis is on technology to do more for less and we must also explore how technology supports a more efficient organisation and makes us easier to do business with.”