2006 saw a process of constant IT driven change at the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). It completed a programme that delivered 25 per cent savings through introducing eight desks for 10 staff, supported by new telephony. Technical refresh of hardware, software and network technologies for over 7,000 desktops was undertaken. It launched a corporate internet site with new content management and search facilities and re-launched the Patent Office website. It enabled credit card payments for electronic patent applications, upgraded the Insolvency Service national network, completed the company’s returns e-filing system. Introduced virtualisation of Windows servers and an upgrade of Oracle platforms.

Over the coming 12 months the DTI will upgrade to ERDMS for around 5,000 users, with 3Tb data storage and shift its HR system to Oracle 11i. A secure laptop service for remote corporate access is planned. It will refresh desktop and server technology and introduce secure wireless networking for the Insolvency Service. The Companies Registry database will move to a relational database. Implementation of first phase changes required by the new Companies Act to Companies database systems will begin.

Lowe’s challenges for the next 12 months include reducing staff numbers over a short time period, improving IT Service Provider project delivery and delivering savings and improvements in value from IT spend.