2006 was a busy year for Staffordshire Police. It held the technology portfolio in the force amalgamation process between West Midlands Police, Warwickshire Constabulary and West Mercia Constabulary.

It collaborated with South Yorkshire Police for mutual benefit on a major Crime and Intelligence system and completed installation and rollout of NSPIS Case Preparation and Custody. Alongside this it completed a review of the force’s IT strategy and rolled out a network attached storage system.

Head of technology services, Phil Lovell, says: “We have made major strides in the mobile data field. Officers are being given remote system access to report and document crimes from the scene giving greater accuracy, faster access to intelligence and greater visibility.”

Plans for the next 12 months include: Access Control – improved physical and logical access solutions for the estate and IT systems; Asset Management – internal development of an asset management application; Command and Control – hardware platform refresh; Data Quality and ETL technologies – in support of the management of police information; Duty Management – a pilot examining the benefits of an integrated duty management solution based on the CARM 3 software product.

It will also be looking to do a platform refresh of Home Office Large Major Enquiry System, and is in discussions with West Midlands Police regarding collaboration for shared hosting.