Like other government IT shops, the Office of the CIO at the Ministry of Justice has plotted a course aimed at providing shared services with all the implications for value and knowledge pooling that suggests.

When the MoJ advertised for a CIO in May 2009 it asked for a candidate to "drive a harmonisation, simplification and streamlining agenda, creating a more efficient and effective IT framework".

However, there will be huge challenges for whoever replaces Andrew Gay, the former CIO who stayed less than a year in the role (director of corporate IT Tunde Coker also left in 2009). One notable obstacle will be the completion of the overdue National Offender Management Information System (NOMIS), now scheduled for completion in 2011 and the subject of a critical report from the National Audit Office in March 2009.

However, there are bright spots. The MoJ's annual report suggested it is achieving economies by consolidating contracts and suppliers, and stated that the Libra case management system for magistrates courts is now up and running.