The Scottish Executive's IT investments of late have been reflective of the unique landscape, economy and society of the devolved nation.

Frontworks, a Scottish software company that is part of the IBM Business Partner programme partnered with IBM to develop a web based application for Emergency Rest Centres (ERC), which are set up when emergency such as the floods that hit north east Scotland in November 2009. The web based application will be available to local authorities, police services and emergency services to help people be reunited after being split from family and friends when a disaster happens.

Working with the National Archives of Scotland, the Scottish Executive opened 4000 files up early to public access, they had been closed for 30 years. Scottish residents can now digitally access government files from the period 1979 to 1983.

The Scottish police will also receive better information as a result of a programme involving the Scottish Executive's procurement body, which inks deals, including IT, for public bodies. Infotech Enterprises in consortia with GGP Systems and Infoshare are creating a web service that provides the police with location information when the police are dealing with incidents.