Exxon Mobil UK is a division of the energy giant that has served the local market with gas for over 30 years and owns the Esso and Mobil brands that date back far longer on these shores.

The company operates the biggest refinery in the UK, supplies over one million customers per day and has interests in 50 producing offshore fields.

A speech made by Robert Olsen, chairman of ExxonMobil International placed technology at the heart of the future of the search for fossil fuels.

"Technology has long been the answer to our most difficult energy questions. Through the years, innovation has enabled our industry to overcome countless obstacles in finding, producing and delivering a product that so many people consider just another commodity. Here in Europe, our innovative multi-fracture and multi-zone stimulation technologies have helped us access tight gas reserves in places like Germany, allowing us to produce gas resources that were previously unattainable. As these technologies continue to evolve, they will play a major role in increasing recoverable resources from fields throughout Europe, and the world."

Some of these technologies come close to rocket science whole others such as the massive investment in business intelligence software will be more familiar. And technology will also be called on to play a part in reducing carbon emissions of course.