The merger between Lloyds TSB and HBOS at the close of 2008 led to much reshuffling of roles with former ABN Amro CEO Mark Fisher becoming head of IT and operations at Lloyds Banking Group and Darryl West becoming group CIO.

After spending much of 2009 cutting jobs and unnecessary functions, the name of the game in 2010 will surely be more rationalisation and integration with a large dose of outsourcing thrown in for good measure. Xansa, Wipro and Tata are among those already on board as suppliers.

At the time of Fisher's appointment his skill set - which included helping to merge RBS and NatWest -- was hailed by Lloyds TSB chief executive of the time Eric Fisher thus:

"[Fisher] has a deep expertise in banking, and his proven track record in dealing with highly complex integration activity will be a great asset to the new Lloyds Banking Group."

He will need every ounce of his experience to knit together the new Lloyds as banking seeks to return to a semblance of normality. Being partly taxpayer-owned, Fisher and colleagues will also have to operate under the glare of the public and they got an indication of what might be to come when the media jumped on stories of Fisher receiving a golden handshake on accepting the job.