Like Glasgow City Council, Liverpool has taken the partnership route to providing the majority of its services to residents in the community. Liverpool Direct Limited is a joint venture between the city authority and BT.

Liverpool Direct is a 10 year joint venture worth £300 million and its creation saw local authority IT services in Liverpool brought together into a single central unit.

Amongst the services is Liverpool Direct Limited Web Services, which provides website creation and management services not only to the Liverpool local authority, but in March 2009 also created a new web presence for Northumbria Police, north east of the city. The new site enables the police to provide blogs, forums and messaging services to the community it polices, as well as online services for reporting crime and registering property. Liverpool Direct built the police site in conjunction with BT.

Liverpool Direct moved its web security over to ScanSafe in June 2009 in a deal with Vistorm, ensureing security to the local authority and schools in Liverpool.