Group 4 Securicor (G4S) is the largest provider of security services in the world thanks to the 2004 merger of former rivals Group 4 and Securicor. G4S provide the full range security and cash-related services, ranging from owning specialist companies providing security in Iraq to the processing and transportation of cash. G4S also provides services the Home Office, carrying out training and prison management.

Having successfully completed the integration, G4S set out on a strategy of developing technologies that it could offer to its customer base. In June 2008 it acquired a specialist integration vendor in the security market to offer a single platform system to customers.

In March 2009 Nick Buckles, G4S CEO said the company was shifting to becoming an outsourced service provider.

To this end it launched Cash 360, a service for the retail sector, that means retailers no longer need to count and reconcile cash each day. Group turnover at G4S has increased by 11 per cent.