The largest of the Shire councils with a population of 1.3 million and regarded as one of the more progressive county councils, Kent has its own e-payments card (the Kent Card) and is rolling out ‘Gateway' contact centres so citizens can walk in to find out information about their entitlements. Kent has also developed a sophisticated wide-area network infrastructure that acts as a shared service for schools, offices, libraries and other facilities. As of this year this formed the backbone of Kent's connections to government agencies, improve taxpayer value and promoting partnerships to be formed.

Kent has also been among the leaders in the Digiotal Britain broadband push, including pushing for coverage by providing incentives for suppliers. In a March 2009 a report letter sent to Lord Carter, Kent said that all council meetings are now webcast, a community TV channel s up and running and video links are available to maintain family contact for children in secure accommodation. Vulnerable individuals can benefit from ‘telehealth' remote care capabilities.

Kent has also been a pioneer in helping staff work from home with a server-based Windows infrastructure provided by Insite letting staff work from their own PCs.