Steve Park took the helm at Manchester City Council in the autumn having been interim ICT leader. Park will lead transformation of local services at Manchester and he will be under no illusion of what the council expects. When the local authority advertised the £78,000 a year role in the summer it stated: "We believe that ICT can be more than just a service: it can be a positive driver for necessary change right across our organisation. That's why, in this key role, you'll think transformation first and technology second." Park's job title is CIO, Transformation Directorate.

Manchester has always been a forward thinking authority with early adoption of city wide wi-fi and traffic charging systems; it also has a Facebook page to connect with residents.

In early 2009 Manchester City Council was severely hit by the Cornficker virus. In an official report after the incident the council reported that its customer facing services were hit as workflow and communications systems were disrupted. The ICT department suffered costs of £1.2 million from the incident, paying out £600,000 to consultants and a further £600,000 for the purchase of terminals to replace the damaged PCs, these were to have been purchased anyway, but the procurement had to be brought forward.

Cornficker meant that Manchester City Council lost revenues from its bus lane enforcement cameras, estimated to have lost £45,000 after notices had to be voided. The council also incurred costs as result of disruption to its processing and compensation payment systems.