RWE Npower is the result of major consolidation of energy providers across Europe. Npower was acquired by German giant RWE in 2002, RWE is now one of the five largest energy companies in Europe. The pan-European group is pursuing a five year plan to improve growth within the company whilst also focusing on reducing CO2 emissions, which is a major challenge for a company that sells electricity and gas.

The Strategy Agenda 2012 is described by the company as a "medium-term make all our business processes more efficient and reduce costs." Early results are promising, in 2008 it doubled its earnings target from 600 million Euros to 1.2 billion.
Technology, business models and the products it offers its customers are a core part of Strategy Agenda 2012.

Improvements to the UK arm include the introduction of a business process management tool, required because of the organic growth of the company. Npower has introduced the tool because its view of the business was "fragmented". In the UK Npower came together from the acquisitions of MEB, Calortex, National Power Energy Direct, Independent Energy, Yorkshire Electricity and Northern Electric & Gas.